"World aerobatic teams" series


  • ÊRV 04 
We’ll enjoy the amazing performance of the leading  
aerobatic teams in the world such as “Russian Knights”,  
“Swifts”, “Frecce Tricolori”, “Patrouille de France”,  
“Red Arrows” etc. 
Duration: 40 min. 
© “Wings of Russia” studio. 1997 

  • ÊRV 07 "SU-27 Flanker. Partu-2"
“SU-27 FLANKER. PART 2”.  
Breathtaking performance of the test pilot Anatoly Kvochur  
and his “Test pilots” aerobatic team. These people are  
living legends of the Russian aviation… 
Duration: 100 min. 
© “Wings of Russia” studio. 1999