"World of Aviation" series  


  • ÊRV 01 
“MUSIC OF THE SKY – 1”. This is a compilation of 15 videos where 
music meets the sky. Relax and enjoy! MiG-AT, Rafale,  
B-25 Mitchell, MiG-21, F-16 Fighting Falcon, Robinson R22,  
Jaguar GR.1A, P-47 Thunderbolt, Su-27, Su-35, XV15, V-22 Osprey, 
Harrier GR.7, Stearmen, ANT-20 “Maxim Gorky”, Su-37 aircraft are  
featured on the video. 
Duration: 45 min. 
© “Wings of Russia” studio. 1997 

  • ÊRV 02 
“MUSIC OF THE SKY – 2”. 15 videos featuring B-2 Spirit,  
Ka-50 “Black Shark”, JAS –39 Grippen, An-12, Spitfire, Yak-3,  
F/A-18 Hornet, Tornado F3, MBR-2, Airbus aircraft, MiG-29,  
Tiger, Yak-18P, Eurofighter-2000. 
Duration: 45 min. 
© “Wings of Russia” studio. 1997 

  • ÊRV 03
“MUSIC OF THE SKY – 3”. 15 videos featuring MiG-25, I-153,  
Boeing aircraft, An-70, Mirage-2000, Yak-130, Tu-144,  
C-17 Globemaster, Bartini VVA-14, Be-12, Ka-51 “Alligator”,  
Su-30MK, Messerschmidt Bf109 & Bf108, B-17 Flying Fortress,  
BTS-002 “Buran”. 
Duration: 45 min. 
© “Wings of Russia” studio. 1998 

  • ÊRV 06 
“TRACE OF THE TOWN”. This film consisting of 7 video novels 
is dedicated to 50th year anniversary of Zhukovsky town – centre  
of the Russian aviation. 
Duration: 100 min. 
© “Wings of Russia” studio. 1997