Twice a month, evening time, the "Kultura" channel presents Aviation Industry News, footage on the world history of aviation, international airshows.

TV program topics:

1. "Aviation News" – reports on the new developments of aviation companies, first flights of prototypes and production airplanes, video reports about airshows activities.
2. "Flight book" – shots on renowned pilots, test pilots, aircraft designers.
3. "Chronograph" -  anniversary dates from aviation history.
4. "None classified" –stories of unknown and forgotten facts and classified projects.
5. "Music of the sky " – aviation music video.
6. "World Airshows" – footage and review of the World Airshows.

We provide production and broadcasting of the films on your company history, products and developments.

Director of the program is Andrey Vladimirovich Krukovsky.

Phone number (095) 556-5112.